Pricing and Services



We offer dog walks, drop in visits, and pet transport (for single medium to small dog or cat). 

Basic Wellness Check

Basic Wellness Check: A brief stop in, no more than 15 mins to check your pet. Water/food bowls cleaned and filled if needed. Litterbox scooped and any 'accidents' attended to. 15.00

Pet Sitting Service

Pet Sitting: 20.00 per visit, recommend 2 visits a day. 30 to 40 mins per visit. Clean and refill water/food bowls. Clean litter box and any pet 'accidents'.  Playtime with pets, brushing, treats. Bring in mail and adjust any lighting. Up to 5 pets. Additional pets, longer visits, or more visits optional.  

Dog Walks

15 min walk - 15.00

30 min walk - 20.00

5.00 added for second dog  walked at the same time. 

Longer walks, multiple dogs, or even dog hikes are available at additional rates.

Need to change things up?

Services can be customized to fit your pets needs. 


Can I book same day? 

I will try my best to fit a last minute client in! Prices vary depending on the situation.

Do you board pets?

No, I do not board any pets. 

Will you take my dog to the dog park to play? 

I do not take dogs to a dog park for playtime. Dog interactions can be unpredictable. I am happy to walk your dog around the local greenway or in your own neighborhood.

Can you give my pet medications? As long as it is a simple med to administer, ex: a single pill